UNAWE Albania

100 hours of astronomy activity

In our Edu Act center, an event  will be organized, where the students part of After school, will take part with their hand crafts in different topics such as art, science or games to realize some interactive, interesting, entertaining and motivating hours. They will play the game created only for them in Kahoot too. In the end of the event, we will visit the Faculty of Natural Sciences, where the professor Mimoza Hafizi will welcome the childrens of our center to become part of the dark sky observation on the 11th of January.

At the second day, there will be a training for teachers regarding this activities.

Edu Act, invites all the students interested in these kind of activities to join us.


“Universe Storytelling”

We invite all pupils age of 4-10 years old, to take part into our “Story telling” activity. Edu Act Albania Is going to organize a Festival story about Univerese.  This activity is going to be held on Edu Act Albania Center, Tirana, Albania.

Date: October 13

TIME: 09.00-12.00

The coordinator of this activity, Mrs. Dentila Garipi, (Her blog here) tell about the interes that pupils of this age have about the Universe.
During this activity we are going to tell story about the Universe, the creation and the evolution during the years. They will tray to create their painting work, about the story they hear. All their work will be collected into the “Skykids protofolio”
For more detail, please contact our organization, on eduact18@gmail.com

A list of activity we think to on the coming scholar year 2018-2019

  • Astro Clubs of different schools involved in this project creation
  • “Universe Storytelling” – activity with kids
  • Visit into Faculty of Natural Science, by a group of pupils.
  • Almida Cercizaj – Primary School teacher (Click here to Almida’s Blog)
  • Dentila Tafa Garipi- ICT teacher of secondary school, (Click on Dentila’s Blog)
  • Suela Uruci – Primary School teacher –  MIE Expert Educator
  • Mirjeta Domi – Executive director of EDU ACT Albania NGO